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Assalamualaikum dan salam kunjungan kepada semua.

Kali ini saya ingin berkongsi satu lagi perisian yang memang best terutama bagi mereka yang menggilai Torrent...

Perisian ini memang best. Rugi kalau korang tak download.



uTorrent has finally made it in our big family of most popular boosters for file-sharing programs. Users of the uTorrent client will be now able to enjoy increased speed and full search optimization using this new high-end implement.

This simply means you will download more and faster your favourite files (movies, music, documents, applications and other) due to higher speed and improved search from multiple sources.

The upgrading doesn’t stop here this most useful add on will gain full Internet connection keeping you satisfied with your bandwidth usage. In terms of look we like to keep it clear cut and accessible but enjoyable, simple but effective the interface displays detailed statistics such as bytes sent and received, status or the actual time of acceleration.

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